Respite Care in Dorset

Oakdene Care Home is an all-inclusive care home in Wimborne Minister that offers up to 68 residents a wide range of excellent facilities and important services of care and support. Our care home in Dorset provides residents with high standards of Respite Care, Residential Care, Dementia Care, and Palliative Care.

For those receiving respite care, Oakdene Care Home provides a homely environment, an all-inclusive way of living, and person-centred care and support by a team of highly trained staff on a 24-hour basis.

What is Respite Care?

Respite care provides an ideal opportunity for caregivers to take a short break and focus on their own wellbeing. Respite care services involve temporarily moving an individual into a care home or nursing home to either give caregivers some time to themselves, or for the care seeker to receive a little extra support following an illness or injury.

Typically, caregivers are friends or family members and they can face various challenges and stresses in their role. Family members and caregivers can dedicate time to their own health and wellness when moving a loved one into respite care on a short term basis. Respite care allows families to have reassurance as they know that their loved one receiving respite care will be well taken care of. This arrangement also brings peace of mind to caregivers, allowing them to recharge and rejuvenate whilst their loved one continues to receive high-quality care.

Additionally, respite care is a care service that can be extremely beneficial for individuals who have recently been hospitalised or are recovering from an illness or injury. Many care homes and nursing homes offer continuous support and care during an individual recovery process, providing 24/7 assistance and access to various facilities. This is particularly valuable for those who cannot fully care for themselves at home, as they can receive the necessary support and attention they need to get them back on their feet.

Respite care in a care home or nursing home is a great solution for both full-time carers seeking a temporary break and for individuals who need a short stay and additional support whilst in recovery.

Respite Care at Oakdene Care Home

Oakdene Care Home provides high-quality respite care in Dorset, and this service starts from one week but is typically used from a few weeks to several months. Residents living with us for respite stays can expect to receive a fully person-centred approach to care with a tailored care plan just like our permanent residents. Before moving into our care home, we will conduct a pre-admission assessment with our home manager or senior member of care staff to ensure that we can cater to our resident’s specific needs successfully, delivered by our trained staff members.

People also look into respite care because they are unsure if a care home is right for them or their family members. We understand how difficult it is to decide to move into a care home or nursing home, which is why we offer prospective residents the opportunity to use our respite service for a short period as a trial. This allows people to experience life at our care home in Dorset firsthand, helping them make the correct decision for themselves. Our care home offers a warm, comforting, and supportive environment, and we take pride in offering our respite service to support caregivers with a well-deserved break and help provide respite residents with the relaxation and recovery time that they require. We encourage everyone within our care home to live independently and make our home their own home. Our professional care staff here at Oakdene Care Home are available around-the-clock to help our residents whenever they need us.

Respite Care in Dorset

Oakdene Care Home in Wimborne Minister is a residential care home specialising in Residential Care, Dementia Care, Respite Care and Palliative Care. We support local people in the area of Dorset with high-quality care services and facilities. We welcome new residents into our home even if it is for a short amount of time using our respite service. Whether permanent or respite residents, individuals are always surrounded and supported by trained care professionals and are welcome to join the rest of our home in using our excellent facilities and taking part in our varied activities programme.

Oakdene Care Home has been specially designed to provide residents with a homely environment and to give them the extra support that they need. Our care home in Dorset provides quality care services and amenities for up to 68 residents in rooms with en suite facilities. Our care home and staff are fully equipped and supported in delivering personalised care plans that are created for each and every individual resident. Whether individuals decide to stay with us for a few weeks or longer, we will still create a personalised care plan, just like what our permanent residents receive. This gives family members of our respite residents much-needed reassurance so they can go away for a few weeks and have a well-deserved break as they know our carers can give the very best care to their loved ones.

Other Quality Care Services that Our Care Home in Dorset Provides

Sometimes individuals who are staying with us through our respite service decide that they would actually like to live in our care home full-time. We are fully flexible to help integrate these respite residents into our care home and community full-time and can update their care plans accordingly.

Our care home provides a range of professional care services which includes Residential Care, Dementia Care, and Palliative Care and we ensure our respite residents transition to the correct care service for them if they would like to become a part of the family full-time. Oakdene Care Home works closely with experienced carers who dedicate their working lives to our residents. We think it is important to provide residents with a homely atmosphere and we help our residents to continue to live an active lifestyle with the help of our excellent facilities.

Our Care Home in Dorset

Oakdene Care Home is a residential care home located in a historic town in Dorset and provides those in the local community with outstanding levels of care and support.

Regardless of the length of your stay at our care home in Dorset, we provide a warm welcome environment to all our residents, encouraging them to make the most of the excellent facilities that we have to offer and the activities available to them, both within our care home and in the local area of Dorset.

Within our care home, there are a number of opportunities for our residents to engage in a range of activities and meet lots of local people. Whether it’s enjoying a meal in our private dining room with a family member, relaxing in our gardens making new friends, or being pampered in our beauty salon, all of our residents at our care home in Dorset can live their lives at their own pace and we will always encourage them to continue to live independently while providing them with the professional care services that they need.

To keep our residents engaged and entertained, we organise a weekly activities programme, which often includes fun arts and crafts sessions or delightful performances by local entertainers who visit our care home in Dorset.

At Oakdene Care Home we always invite our resident’s loved ones to join in and create new lasting memories. Our care home strives to create a vibrant and inclusive environment for all, ensuring that every resident feels at home and cherished during their time with us.

Dorset is a beautiful county that offers a wide range of activities for older individuals living in a care home. Oakdene Care Home is located in the heart of Wimborne Minster which has an abundance of history for our residents to discover.

Residents living in care homes in Dorset can often be seen at numerous historical sites like Corfe Castle, Sherborne Abbey, and Abbottsbury Subtropical Gardens.

Our activity coordinators work closely with our residents to ensure that they continue to live a fulfilled life. We believe it is important to encourage our residents to continue to do things that they love and we help make arrangements for our residents to go out into our local community to ensure that can continue to do the things that they love doing, including visiting local pubs, cafes and restaurants in Wimborne Minster and in the surrounding area of Dorset.

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