A Safe Place Our Residents Love To Call Home

Our all-inclusive, luxury house is equipped with a wide range of amenities, services, and facilities for all of our residents to enjoy. Whether it’s afternoon tea in the lovely gardens, a trip to the local museum, or a well-deserved treatment at the Hair Salon, Oakdene Care Home provides something for everyone.

We strive to provide a varied range of options for our residents to fully enjoy their lives and their time here with us. From calm afternoons reading in the lounge to inclusive weekly gardening activities, Oakdene Care Home has something for everyone.

En-suite Bedrooms

Oakdene Care Home has 71 lovely, spacious bedrooms, each carefully decorated and fitted with an en-suite bathroom. The décor and furniture were chosen with care to create a welcoming ambience. All bedrooms include furniture, Wi-Fi, central heating, a Nurse Call system, and a television, all of which are designed to give optimum comfort and relaxation for residents. Residents are welcome to add any personal belongings or furniture that may make their area feel more like home.


We feel that mealtimes are an important component of residents’ everyday lives at Oakdene Care Home. Residents can enjoy a great atmosphere and exquisite cuisine created by our in-house chefs when they dine with us. Our talented culinary team is pleased to present a seasonal menu with high-quality, locally sourced ingredients. We will always accommodate any special dietary needs and requests, ensuring that all of our residents can eat their meals their way.

Arts & Crafts

At Oakdene Care Home, we always want to provide our residents with the opportunity to try new activities in a secure and supervised setting and make sure they know their efforts are valued since it allows them to retain an active and vibrant lifestyle. Our arts and crafts programmes are all adapted to the preferences of our residents, with the purpose of inspiring and motivating everyone who participates.

Activities Programme

Our Activities Coordinators are dedicated to offering fun and fascinating activities to our residents to take part in on a weekly basis. At Oakdene Care Home, there’s always something exciting going on, from inviting entertainers like singers and magicians to taking part in group sing-a-longs, quizzes, therapy pet visits, and baking. We encourage resident activity recommendations and strive to provide fun events for everyone each week.

Private Gardens & Patio

Our soothing gardens are a great place for residents to unwind. Residents can enjoy al fresco dining on our beautiful patio area when the weather permits, and thanks to our private and secure grounds, we can invite our residents and their loved ones as often as we like. While staying with us at Oakdene, our residents are welcome to assist in gardening. We encourage them to find joy in tending to our flower beds throughout the year.

Hair Salon

It’s simple to see why our lovely Hair Salon is so popular among our residents. Our expert hairdressers are committed to making residents feel beautiful. From hair washes to hair colouring and style, we provide a comprehensive range of hair services and treatments. Residents are welcome to visit the Oakdene Care Home Hair Salon as often as they like.

Games & Recreation

We offer a variety of games and in-home activities for all of our residents. Our main goal is to make sure that our residents at Oakdene Care Home are having a good time and living their lives to the fullest. Our residents’ well-being is our primary focus, whether it’s in the garden during the Spring and Summer months or playing board games in the comfort of the living room when it’s freezing outdoors.

Quiet Areas

Residents at our home have access to a variety of calm locations throughout the house where they can relax and unwind. We want to improve the overall well-being of our residents by providing them with a variety of first-class amenities that allow them to enjoy a life that includes both stimulating and relaxing activities. Our home offers a variety of serene and pleasant settings for residents to enjoy at any time of day, including our quiet gardens, private bedrooms, exclusive dining areas, and lounge areas.

Extensive Amenities

We recognise that every one of our residents is unique at Oakdene Care Home. So, why should our home be any different? Our residence has been meticulously equipped with a variety of amenities and services for our residents’ comfort and convenience so that they can continue to live their lives exactly how they want to.

Nurse Call System

There is a call system installed throughout the building, including your bedroom, should residents require assistance from a nurse at any time of day or night. Residents, if they really need to, will be able to reach the members of our care team at the touch of a button. Our aim at Oakdene Care Home is to make the lives of our residents as easy as possible.

Seasonal Menus

With wonderful food prepared by our in-house chefs, dining at Oakdene Care Home reflects the level of sophistication that our residents truly deserve. Our chefs prepare a constantly changing menu with high-quality, locally sourced ingredients, as well as provide residents’ favourite dishes upon request.

Private Gardens & Pond

Residents can use our private garden and patio area however they want because it is completely equipped with everything they might need. Our private garden is completely prepared for people to use this protected environment any way they desire, from producing vegetables to an outstanding Al Fresco Afternoon Tea with their loved ones.

Specialist Bedrooms

Each bedroom at Oakdene Care Home has been meticulously designed to provide all of our residents with a welcoming atmosphere. However, we also want to provide all of the required amenities to assist residents with daily duties. Our rooms have everything a resident needs, including furniture, Wi-Fi, central heating, a Nurse Call system, and a television.

Plenty of Communal Areas

Our spacious communal rooms are ideal for residents, team members, and guests to gather and socialise. Residents choose to use the smaller, more intimate lounge spaces when entertaining close friends and family members. We want our participants to enjoy the benefits of group living while remaining as comfortable as possible.

Fast WiFi Speeds

Our facility has high-speed Wi-Fi installed, allowing residents to keep in contact with loved ones or browse the web at any time of day. This also allows them to catch up on critical tasks without interruption, making their days that little bit extra special and even more productive. This also is included with your overall fee.

Care Tailored To Suit You, Delivered By Care Professionals

When it comes to unrivalled levels of individualised care, our incredible team at Oakdene Care Home will be difficult to beat. We take pride in ensuring that our residents are well taken care of and that our residents always have the opportunity to live the life they want to. Two of the most important aspects of any care is ensuring the highest levels of dignity and privacy are being adhered to, and that’s something that we here at Oakdene Care Home take incredibly seriously. However, we also know that no two residents are ever the same, which is why we take so much care in putting together the perfect individualised care plan for each and every new member of the Oakdene Care Home family.

Have A Question? Let Us Know

If you still have some unanswered questions surrounding what life at Oakdene Care Home is like, then please feel free to let us know. We’ll endeavour to get back to you as soon as we can. Send us an email at info@oakdenecare.co.uk, or give us a call on 01202 813722. We’d love to hear from you. We also recommend you fill out our Enquiry Form. A member of our friendly and qualified team will be more than happy to address your concern.