Oakdene staff

About Oakdene Care Home

Oakdene Care Home is located in the heart of Wimborne Minster, a beautiful historic market town that prides itself on its charming streets and award-winning courtyards. The town itself boasts an incredibly rich history that dates back to pre-Roman times, as well as plenty of more modern attractions and sights that our residents and their families love to pay a visit to. Just like Wimborne Minster, our residents deserve to be taken care of properly and loved for the reasons that make them stand out from the crowd.

We know that no two residents are the same. So, why should their care be any different? There are so many things that make our residents stand out from one another, that we don’t understand why their care wouldn’t be as special, unique and individual as they are. Our teams recognise that each of our residents needs something different, and it’s our compassion and dedication that separates us from other care facilities.

A Proactive Approach To Dedicated Care

At Oakdene Care Home, we often find that there’s absolutely nothing more crucial to proactive care than providing our residents with a comfortable and supportive space where they can truly be themselves. Whether that’s by themselves or whether that’s when they’re surrounded by their friends and family members, we always strive to offer positive and encouraging support for all of our residents and their loved ones.

The care we provide for our residents is tailored to their specific needs. We take the time to get to know our residents, and we make it a point to work with families and friends to help them maintain connections to their city and its incredible history. Every member of our dedicated team at Oakdene Care Home is highly qualified and active in their approach to giving the highest standard of care to each and every one of our residents.

Providing specialist guidance and support to loved ones as well as our incredible residents is a critical step toward becoming the best team we can be. We believe that the needs of our residents should be met in a variety of ways, and each one is as unique and tailored as the next. We always aim to increase the overall well-being of our residents and encourage both active bodies and brains by offering the highest quality of life.

Life at Oakdene Care Home

With every single day our residents spend with us here at Oakdene Care Home, we want them and their loved ones to feel even more at home. Our brilliant teams will always put the needs of our residents above all else, so you can always be sure that every single day will be fun, exciting, and tailored to suit you. At Oakdene Care Home, we encourage friends and family members to stop by whenever they’d like; with our open-door policy, we give our residents the opportunity to invite whoever they’d like, whether that’s for a fun-filled day of activities or a cup of tea and a catch-up. We take pride in knowing our residents often better than we know ourselves and using that knowledge to ensure they’re living the life they want.

Prioritising Getting To Know You

If we don’t know and fully understand our residents, how can we be expected to provide them with the individualised care that each and every one of them deserves? The answer is simple: we can’t. That’s why we encourage all of our residents to be themselves here at Oakdene Care Home, whether that’s by continuing to get involved in the activities they love, or by regularly visiting the hair salon to ensure they still look and feel as good as they should. By getting to know our residents, we can understand what makes them tick, and therefore provide them with a sense of happiness throughout their stay with us.

Meet the Team

  • Home Manager

    Vicki Collins

    Vicki Collins, Home manager. Vicki has worked at Oakdene since March 2022. Vicki has a level 3 in Health and Social Care and a Level 5 and a level 7 in leadership and management. She has previous experience managing a specialist dementia home and has a particular interest in dementia care.

  • Deputy Manager

    Grace Armson

    Grace Armson, Deputy Manager. Grace has worked at Oakdene since 2011, starting as a care assistant and has been deputy manager since December 2021. Grace has a level 2 and 3 in Health and Social Care and a Level 5 in leadership and management. Grace takes pride in being a good role model to other members of staff and supporting them to progress. Grace enjoys working at Oakdene and says that every day is different.

  • Head of Care

    Ma Teresa Robles

    Ma Teresa Robles, Head of Care. Teresa has worked at Oakdene since 2004. She has a Level 3 NVQ in Health and Social Care. Teresa believes in a caring and loving environment for our clients; she feels there is nothing better than spending her days with them and hearing about their life experiences, different backgrounds and beliefs, they constantly amaze her.

  • Lead Senior Health Care Assistant

    Alice Ellis

    Alice is the Lead Health Care Assistant of our Oakdene Unit. Alice knows her residents inside and out and is committed to improving their quality of life.

  • Acorn Lead

    Olivia Driscoll

    Olivia is the Lead Senior Healthcare Assistant of our Acorn Lodge. She loves working with her residents and has a special interest in Dementia Care.

  • Team Leader

    Sally Girvin

    Sally is a Team Leader here at Oakdene Care Home and supports our Unit Leads Alice and Olivia in their roles.

  • Head Housekeeper

    Ben Dodson

    Ben Dodson. Head Housekeeper. Ben has worked at Oakdene since 2012. Ben is responsible for the overall cleanliness of the home. He is passionate about promoting a culture of good practice within his team of 5 housekeepers. Ben is often found completing word games with residents in the lounges!

  • Maintenance Team

    Lee Singleton and Paul Kent

    Lee and Paul make up our Maintenance Team here at Oakdene and do a fantastic job in maintaining the quality and safety of our home and grounds.

  • Gardener

    Wayne Hopwell

    Wayne is our Gardener and is extremely passionate about keeping the grounds of Oakdene well maintained for our lovely residents to enjoy.

Care Tailored To Suit You, Delivered By Care Professionals

When it comes to unrivalled levels of individualised care, our incredible team at Oakdene Care Home will be difficult to beat. We take pride in ensuring that our residents are well taken care of and that our residents always have the opportunity to live the life they want to. Two of the most important aspects of any care is ensuring the highest levels of dignity and privacy are being adhered to, and that’s something that we here at Oakdene Care Home take incredibly seriously. However, we also know that no two residents are ever the same, which is why we take so much care in putting together the perfect individualised care plan for each and every new member of the Oakdene Care Home family.