Quiet Areas

Oakdene Care Home has been thoughtfully built to allow residents to live their lives their way, whether they want an active lifestyle, a quieter lifestyle, or a combination of the two. Our wonderful home and gardens are suitable for individuals who like peace and quiet and want to take things slowly.

Our care staff considers and prioritises the impact that noise has on residents, particularly those with dementia. We recognise that certain times of the day are particularly noisy, such as shift change-over and mealtimes, and we have designated quiet places where residents can withdraw if they so desire.

Private Outside Spaces

Our beautifully designed gardens are the perfect place for our residents to relax and unwind. Residents have the opportunity to enjoy a great outside spot to sit quietly and really absorb all the good that nature has to offer, get lost in a book, or play a tabletop game. Our lovely manicured gardens are safe and private, allowing people to use the space on their own time.

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Quiet Areas at Oakdene Care Home

We have plenty of quiet areas within our home including a Library, which are peaceful and will help all of our residents significantly. Soft furnishings, soothing lighting, and relaxing noises can aid in improving focus and calming our residents if they begin to feel overwhelmed. Residents have a lot of options for where to go and how they wish to enjoy a more peaceful way of life, from the bedrooms to the garden to the designated quiet spaces around the house.

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What You’ll Find at Oakdene Care Home

Our residents are at the core of everything we do at Oakdene Care Home, which is why we have created an environment with a range of facilities and features that ensure a comfortable and convenient lifestyle for our residents.

Garden Facilities

Comfortable Environments

Opportunities for Me Time

Quiet Areas FAQs

Our quiet areas have been meticulously designed with our resident’s comfort in mind. With comfortable seating, soft furnishings, and a soothing ambiance, our quiet areas are perfect for those seeking a peaceful environment to immerse themselves in a book, enjoy some me time, or have a conversation with loved ones.

Absolutely! The serenity of our quiet areas is open not only to residents but also to family members and visitors. We value the significance of creating spaces that promote calmness and foster connections for everyone. Whether you’re sharing meaningful moments with a loved one or seeking a serene haven for some alone time, our quiet areas extend a warm invitation to all.

Our quiet areas prioritise accessibility for all residents. We’ve thoughtfully designed spacious spaces with comfortable seating and wheelchair accessibility. Recognising the importance of personal downtime, we’ve incorporated multiple quiet zones throughout our home, in addition to our residents’ private bedrooms. These inclusive spaces cater to the individual needs of every resident, ensuring that moments of tranquility are accessible to all.

High-Quality Care Tailored to Your Needs

Our care home in the local community of Wimborne Minster, Dorset is proud to support older people with a variety of care services. When it comes to unrivalled levels of individualised care, our incredible team of care professionals will be difficult to beat. We take pride in supporting our residents to live their lives how they wish, ensuring the highest levels of dignity and privacy are always adhered to.


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